It has just recently come to our attention that our U.S. government has improved and updated its Internet data pertaining to Federal Form I-9.  We recommend reviewing THIS site and its details because the gist of it is still applicable and it contains news release information that is not readily available on the updated U.S. site.  The updated U.S. site is identified as I-9 Central.and can be accessed via this link.

United States Immigrant Solution as of July 30, 2016

WE'RE MAD AS HELL!  The information on this website documents that, not only do we NOT need additional legislation to address our current illegal immigration problem but that the necessary tools have been available to our government for over THIRTY years and we've effectively ignored them!  What is wrong with us?  Take a little time and read some of what's here.  Also note that the news releases show that $millions in fines have been assessed and, we presume, collected from a minimal number of violators over the past five or six years.

It is so frustrating to hear and see our Federal elected representatives from all parties kick around the illegal/undocumented immigration problem when a workable solution presently exists that would require no new legislation other than what we already have in place!

The solution is real simple.  
  • No jobs, no illegal/undocumented immigrants (eventually).

  • Publicize to employers that Federal Form I-9 requirements are going to be enforced and, as part of doing so, a bounty program will be offered to all adult citizens.

  • When employers realize they are subject to fines in the $hundreds, $thousands, $tens of thousands, $one hundreds of thousands and $millions, they will stop hiring illegal/undocumented workers and get rid of those they already have in their work forces.

  • Anyone skeptical of that happening need only review various ICE news releases on this website previously issued regarding successful assessments (and we presume collections?).  Check out those reported on this website (see sidebar for links).

What allows and enables the present illegal/undocumented immigrants to remain in the United States is jobs, pure and simple jobs.  If they don't have jobs, they will eventually move themselves and their families to some place where they can find them. The key factors in our illegal immigration problem are that 1) we have employers who are willing to violate our laws to provide them with the jobs our laws clearly state they should not have; 2) we have two political parties that are unwilling to advocate that existing laws be enforced (even though they are simple and inexpensive to enforce); 3) we have media of all types that choose to ignore enforcement that might result in outcomes that don't fit their ideological objectives.

The employers get away with violating our laws because they exert pressure and influence on our representatives to ignore the existing laws.  There is clear and overwhelming evidence on the government's own website for ICE (Immigration Custom Enforcement) that enforcement by the present administration and prior administration has been very piecemeal and ineffective.  From what we can determine using the search features of the ICE News Release data on the Internet (ICE News Releases), ICE's interest in reporting their enforcement is very spotty and questionable at best.

The legislation we're speaking of was enacted in 1986 and the research for this website has been limited to news releases by ICE only as far back as November 2009.

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